What’s Been Happening

What’s Been Happening

I haven’t posted anything new on my website for over a month and I didn’t want you to think I had stopped writing or had died. Actually I was writing for another website called Kars4Kids. First I was just quoted in a piece called What is Positive Parenting? I wasn’t too pleased with the way I was represented so I wrote a comment at the end where I suggested that they read my posts that I referred to in the quote.

After Kars4Kids read my posts I was invited to write a guest blog post called The Two Choices Technique: Charlotte’s Tantrum which is based on one of my other original posts. I included links in that blog which refer back to my original work. Please check it all out.


That guest blog post took a lot of time. Since I was writing to a select audience, the caretaker of the Kars4Kids blog made many requests that made the writing style very different from my usual irreverent bombast. But I enjoyed the challenge of writing to an assignment rather than just my usual spouting off so I did it.

The Curse of Technology

While struggling with a somewhat foreign writing style I also had website/computer problems which took a lot of time to resolve. I won’t bore you with the details.

Just know that I am still writing blog pieces and promoting my book What Happened to David.

Also come hear me read for

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