History Tells Us “Beware of Donald Trump!”

Do Americans understand history (politicians or Trump)?

I guess the media doesn’t believe Americans study or understand history.  Or maybe they figure too many Americans don’t believe there are lessons to be learned from history.  Otherwise the media would point out the scary resemblance of Donald Trump to two of history’s most infamous and ruthless politicians.

Ambition + a bad combover = Beware!

First, what politician was famous for rabble rousing oratory, ruthless ambition and a bad combover (like Trump)?  Look at what happened to the Roman republic after Gaius Julius Caesar was elected consul in 59 B.C. – civil war, dictatorship and four hundred years of imperial rule!  Of course some wrangling pedant might point out that Caesar was more of a populures politician whereas Trump is clearly one of the optimates but how many Americans pay attention to ancient Roman politics?  Keep it simple.  I say, “Ambition + a bad combover = Beware!”

Our second politician for comparison is much more current. 

What twentieth century politician was famous for rabble rousing oratory, ruthless ambition and racial animus while promising a return to his country’s greatness (sound like Trump)?  How many people in 1933 Germany found Hitler inspiring but harmless – ‘he won’t last’?

History says, “Rabble rousing oratory + ruthless ambition + racial animus + promise of greatness = BEWARE!

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