Face Mask Boogie – It’s a Fashion Show!

Face Mask Boogie (It’s a fashion show!)

Come on people. Wearing a face mask won’t harm you. It might even save a life or two. I know there are many of you out there who believe that the Corona Pandemic is a hoax (What a fool believes no wise man has the power to reason away!). You see wearing a face mask as a political statement against the President and his policies. Ease up and change your framing of the issue.

Don’t think of wearing a face mask as a political statement. Think of it as a fashion show!

Yes. It’s a Fashion Show!

If you find people unwilling to wear a face mask, don’t fight with them.
Pity them and let them know that they have NO Fashion Sense.


At first we were afraid:










Then we decided to get playful:

There’s more fun:

There are so many more  opportunities for personal fashion statements. I’ve included a few of my own.

It’s an opportunity for the young’uns to show their love to us old folks! Special thanks to Mijo Juan for the medical face mask (the WHCDS on my shirt stands for West Hollywood Community Day School where I worked for 20 years)

And special thanks to Tracy for sending me the cane (that lights up for those night-time strolls) 
and the ultra cool phone stand she made for me!

Not wishing to dwell on old age I prefer the athletic look myself.

Are you embarrassed about wearing a mask? You could wear a comedic shirt to hide (or to accent) your mask .

If you are from New York, Boston, or Chicago you can disguise yourself as an aging Mafioso.





or if you aren’t that old or you are from the southwest you can call yourself an L.A. gangsta.







And if you must look at wearing a mask as a political statement, send $25 to Kentucky 
(https://store.kydemocrats.org/moscow-mitch/) and



They will even send you a cool looking mask for your bicycle.





Yeah. I know. There are still people who will fight with you about wearing the mask. So I’ve included a short dialogue to give you something to say when you encounter those who think they are reasonable but…

to quote Charles Bukowski:

“The problem with the world is that
the intelligent people are full of doubts,
while the stupid ones are full of confidence.”

A Dialogue:

NeoCon: “You Liberals are all alike. You act all ‘Holier Than Thou’ because you wear a face mask but the truth is, you only wear masks selfishly to protect your health.”

Liberal: “Mea Culpa.”

NeoCon: “You are in it for the glory trying to act all ‘Holier Than Thou’ because you wear a face mask when you know people will think you are trying to protect them.”

Liberal: “Mea Maxima Culpa!”

NeoCon: “I think you are trying to make President Trump look bad acting all ‘Holier Than Thou’ wearing your masks.”

Liberal: “No Way! I don’t need to try to make President Trump look bad.
President Trump makes himself look bad.
And, if you see me remove my mask, it’s not to honor Mr. Trump.
If I remove my mask for Trump, it’s because
I don’t want to hide my sneer of contempt for
Trump’s policies, and his enablers in Congress!”

Of course, if you run out of options,
there is always your girlfriend’s panties
(thanks Sweetheart)!

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