About me…  P. M. DeVuono MA Ed.

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I’m a teacher who looks at things differently and who is bold enough (or crazy enough) to speak and write about what I’ve seen.  Some teachers and parents have said I was the first person they’d heard speak about education who made sense to them.  Some administrators, and politicians as well as other teachers have labeled me negative, politically incorrect, a trouble maker and too much of a smarty pants for my own (or anyone else’s) good.

I’m an educator, author, speaker, blogger, teacher trainer and published composer/musician.

Whatever your interest in education, if you want to have some fun while getting a real life point of view for improving teaching and learning, you are in the right place.

I love teaching and I really care about my students.  So, if I seem irreverent or comedic, it’s just to get my point across by being entertaining.  I am a pessimist because of my experience with educational reform, a pragmatist because of necessity and an optimist because of my faith in people.

Biographical information: P. M. DeVuono

I was born in Chicago and educated in the midwest.  After college (U. of I.) I moved to Los Angeles to seek my fortune in the music/entertainment industry.  I had just enough success to be on dozens of records, to hear myself on the radio when I was broke and to be very wary of fame.

I needed more and started substitute teaching while trying to decide what I wanted to do next.  I took education courses at CSUN while teaching as a sub at over 35 different schools over the course of the next 5 years.  It was an amazing experience which I will share.  I got a permanent position at the West Hollywood Community Day School (CDS – a school for at risk students) and, during my 2o years there, earned my Masters of Education Degree and became National Board Certified in Adolescent Mathematics (primarily Algebra).  I have taught every subject and grade level from 2nd grade through adult school.  I have taught beginning teachers through the BTSA program.

I have authored the book What Happened to David, a story telling what it is like to go to an alternative school and what it’s like dealing with bullies, school violence and young love.  Look for it…


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