What Democrats Don’t Know About the American People Could Reelect Trump!

What the Democrats don’t understand. I was watching The View on TV and they were discussing the upcoming election. They were asking themselves (rhetorically) why Trump isn’t in jail. He has done things which would get most politicians incarcerated, or dumped, or at least reprimanded, in more normal times. Yet, he has escaped any attempt … Read more

Who’s the Adult in the Room? A defense of Two Choices Technique and the Gangsta’

Why Two Choices Technique? Who’s the adult? This post will be written as an open letter to Mr. B. [you can see his full letter in the comments section of Two Choices and the Gangsta’]. This post and many of my writings in general are dedicated to any teacher or parent who has tried the … Read more

When they say, “I’m Going to Fix Education.” Don’t believe it!

What does it take to fix education? You heard me. Don’t believe it if a political figure says, “I’m going to fix education,” or if they call it “our broken educational system” it’s all the same. Well let me soften it a bit and say don’t believe them unless they give you a well constructed … Read more

For Educational Policy: Reject Standardized Tests, Embrace Facts Part 2

For many students Standardized Tests don’t measure facts or process. Standardized tests measure the parents income and education as much as they measure the student’s skills in a particular subject. There is so much debate and literature on this that I’m not even going into it. My purpose here is to show parents, other teachers, … Read more

For Educational Policy: Reject Standardized Tests, Embrace Facts Part 1

One more issue to be polarized over – Standardized Tests Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. We need to assess, evaluate, judge, test or whatever euphemism makes you comfortable. Many of us just don’t absolutely need what currently is used for standardized tests. We just got through testing (and graduation) season and a … Read more

Homework Cure: Change the System

The Real Value of Homework There is a debate about the value of homework. The debate rages in school districts, states, faculty meetings and homes. There are parents who insist on homework and there are parents who feel homework is an unnecessary intrusion in their child’s life. There is no one solution. I recommend flexibility … Read more

When Good New Is Sad: Parents #1

This is about the emotional toll of ‘Back to School Night’, and the fine parents I met there.  Fine parents?  Say what?  You thought I was going to go on about the crazy parents I’d met.  Let’s save that one (well – there’s a lot more than one). So, what was the good news that … Read more

Don’t Blink! It’s A Dog and Pony Show

I never tried to be difficult or argumentative, it just came out that way.  Teaching, like much in life, always seems to be a balancing act between either standing your ground for what you believe is right, or going along to get along.  In standing my ground, I’d always ask questions.  These Socratic style inquiries … Read more

Diploma vs. Education

Have you ever seen the 1939 MGM movie The Wizard of OZ (the one with Judy Garland)?  Does that sound like a strange question, seeing as The Wizard of OZ is generally considered as one of the best-known films in American culture?  I like to use it to teach but, believe it or not, most … Read more

The Unspoken Obstacle to Any Educational Reforms and the Common Core

It’s the most serious obstacle to real educational reform yet no one is talking about it.  It is the worst omission in the Common Core but no one is debating it.  It is absolutely crucial to any discussion of teacher evaluations yet everyone acts as if it doesn’t exist.  I’m an expert in the subject yet … Read more


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