Homework: To Do or Not To Do

Homework was the issue.

I was called to meet with a parent, in the office, during my conference period. It was about homework.

I entered the school conference room to find the Assistant Principal, Billy Bones (my student), Billy’s mom and her lawyer! Hmm… ‘Looks like Billy isn’t the only one on the hot seat.’

The lawyer started in on me, “Ms. Bones is concerned about Billy’s grade in math. He received a Fail on his last progress report.”

“That’s correct,” I answered. “He did no work in class so it was the only grade I could have given him. I have repeatedly asked him to get to work and I have offered to help him both in his regularly assigned class time and during lunch or after school but, so far, he has refused.”

The lawyer continued, “What about homework?” At the risk of seeming rude I said, “What about it?” She said, “We asked him about his homework and he said you never gave him any. Is that true?”

I tried to take the high road.

What I wanted to say was, not appropriate for this discussion. But… I tried to take the high road and what I did say was,

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The Owl and the Pussycat

This is my lovely cat Captain Flint!

P.S.: Captain Flint is a female! She is named after Long John Silver’s parrot (also a female) who is named after the ‘famous buccaneer’ Captain Flint from Treasure Island.

The Owl and the Pussycat is a poem by English poet Edward Lear.

My Speak Up Talk Radio Interview

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Radio Interview: On Speak Up Talk Radio Network


For those who follow my blog and haven’t heard from me in a while I’m working on a series of essays about homework. Watch for them – coming soon.


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