When You Can’t Fix Stupid #1

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We all do stupid things.

One year, I left the water running in the sink and flooded my bathroom.  That was stupid.  I know better but I let myself get distracted.  As a teacher I was regularly cautioned to never use the word ‘stupid’.  But to be honest with you, we teachers regularly see behaviors (and policies) that can only be described as stupid.  Some examples of stupidity we can fix.  But there is one form of stupidity that we can’t fix; it is deadly and we need to be able to recognize it to protect our children.  Now, before you get angry, let me do a little clarifying of terms.  This is important because at the time of this writing (early 2015) there is a measles outbreak sweeping the nation and the word stupid is being used with abandon. 

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One Teacher – Two Outcomes

1-2The truth is stranger than fiction!

Bet you never thought you’d read that I was paid too much.  I was told by a reliable source that according to the District, the number of students at my CDS alternative school didn’t justify the salaries of teachers (like me) at the top of the pay scale (Hell’s bells!  I took the classes.  I put in the years. I’m an expert and these kids need an expert!).  I was told that I was being watched downtown because I’m so highly qualified and too highly paid!  

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A Godfather Speech: One Mirror – Two Truths

3.4.15 MirrorI have several techniques in my ‘Teacher’s Toolbox’ that I call my ‘Godfather Speeches’.  They are quite effective in turning around unwanted or difficult behaviors in children.  All children, yes, even normally well behaved ones, will test the boundaries of good conduct.  They should!  How else will they learn?  And it’s our job, as adults, to steer them to the paths of effective good behavior.  But what do you say to the bone-headed, hard guy/girl, wanna be who says, “I won’t!” or “I don’t want to!” or “I don’t have to!”?  Time for a ‘Godfather Speech’.

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