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The Realities of Educational Reform

I’m a teacher who believes that teaching can be the greatest joy or the worst nightmare on Earth.  The experiences of the classroom are so varied that we teachers witness many different realities – some nice – some not so nice.  There is often a disconnect between what we hear at teacher trainings and what we experience in the classroom.  Exploring all aspects of that disconnect (and maybe some of life’s other disconnects), based on my 25 years of teaching experience, is what this website and blog are all about.

Many of the realities are humorous and entertaining, some are shocking and some are politically incorrect or controversial.  These writings are all attempts to be of some help to teachers, parents and others.  Many people are writing about politics, pedagogy and school reform so I will only add to it if I can add a different perspective.  My goal is to put a human face on those broad issues to show how much the human factor governs the outcomes of educational policies.  I am not trying to single out, praise or denigrate any one politician, state, school district, administrator, school, teacher, parent or student.  For the sake of discretion, I will change the names of individuals while using personal individual experiences to illuminate national educational issues.

I am a published author, published composer, blogger, public speaker and educational reform gadfly.

Thanks for checking out my web site.  Feel free to comment, agree or disagree; maybe we can create a new improved reality for all of us!


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